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lectrical Engineering (EE)

Home / Departments / Electrical Engineering (EE)
Electrical Engineering Department offers degree programs in two streams – Electrical Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering. It prepares students for Industry design skills through highly professional trainings of Rockwell, Nayak Power System, Smart Brains, Siemens through actual field work, hands-on and live design, erection and measurement projects. The academic distinction of the department is demonstrated by the excellent performance of students ranking among the toppers at the university, institute level and competitive exams like GATE and GRE. State of the art laboratories, Advance CAD tools, workshops and seminars empower the graduates for making application of the knowledge which they gain through experienced faculty of the department and student centric teaching philosophy.

State of the Art Laboratories
Advance Power Electronics Laboratory
Modern Control Systems Laboratory
Electrical Machines Laboratory
Power Systems Laboratory
Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory
Circuits and Electrical fundamentals Laboratory
Mechatronics Laboratory
Projects and Research Laboratory
Advance Drives Laboratory
Simulation Laboratory
Product Design Laboratory
3-D Printer Laboratory
Advance Electrical Design and Simulation Tools
Machine Design software
Quickfield for Electromagnetics simulation
20 Sim
Industrial Training
Automation & SCADA Training by Rockwell Automation
PSCAD Trainings by Nayak Power System
Electrical Designing Training by Smart Brain Inst.
Electrical Installation Training by Industry Experts
Robotics Training
Transformer Design Training by Experts
Field Trainings at substations and power plants
SMPS Training by Industrial Experts
ARM Controller training by Experts
Raspberry pi training by experts
High End Experimental Platforms and Equipment
Tektronix Powerscope ( 200 MHz, 4 Ch)
Rockwell CompactLogix PLC Trainers
Tektronix High Voltage and Current Probes
Tektronix Power Analysis Bundle
Texas Instruments DSP Boards
Siemens Logo PLC
Variable Frequency Control Drives
Cycloconvertors/3 Phase Convertors
Microprocessor Controlled 3-ø Dual Convertors
Bias Differential relay/Buchholz Relay
Current Transformer Performance Testing
Synchronization of Alternators
Process control simulator/Servomotor Characteristics
Energy Measurement and Electrical Installation

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Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Home / Departments / Mechanical Engineering (ME)
Mechanical Engineering Department at Techno NJR is a forward looking department with a vision to produce theoretically sound and industry ready engineers. As a part of industry orientation we have partnered with various major industries and institutes for specialized modular courses, trainings, and certifications. Some of salient associations are with Cement Industries, Indian Rubber Institute, Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, and Indo German Tool Room.

State of Art Labs
Production Practices & Mechanical Workshop
Drawing Halls (2 Nos)
Strength of Materials and Material Testing Lab
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines Lab
Fluid Mechanics and Turbo-machinery Lab
Thermal and Automobile Engineering Lab
Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
Major Equipment
Computerized Universal Testing Machine (600 kN capacity)
6 Lathe Machines (including Capstan & Turret Lathe)
Multi Stage Air Compressor Test Rig
Load Test Rig for Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine
Turbine Test Rigs (Pelton, Kaplan and Francis) Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
Industry Orientation Initiatives
PG diploma of Indian Rubber Institute and Summer Training at Rubber Industry
Graduateship exam of Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering (targeting Cement and other manufacturing industries)
CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) certification course from Indo German Tool Room
Our Courses

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)

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Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of TINJRIT has very advanced laboratories equipped with high end instruments from Agilent, Rohde and Schwartz, Tektronix and Texas Instruments. The powerful CAD tools for VLSI, RF Design, Electromagnetic simulation and Circuit simulation provide high tech platforms for experimentation with extreme flexibility. Students and faculty of ECE are continuously engaged in updating the knowledge through projects, experimentation, Industry tie-ups and research publication. The department has best academic results and highly professional Industrial technology trainings are conducted regularly by reputed organizations, Industry experts and faculty members. Graduates are placed in TCS, Cognizant, eInfochips, 3i-Infotech and other multinationals.
State of Art Laboratories
Advanced Microwave Laboratory equipped with X-Band Test-benches and
Microstrip Components/ antennas, Test Facility 6 GHz VNA by Anritsu
Advanced Linear Integrated Circuits lab with FPAA and ASLK kits
Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing Laboratory
Signals and Systems Laboratory
Embedded Systems Lab equipped with PIC, ARM, AVR kits
Wireless Communication with Satellite, GPS experiments
Digital Circuits and Reconfigurable Hardware Design laboratory
Advanced Analog & Digital Communication Laboratory
Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory
Microprocessor and Digital Electronics Laboratory
Research Center Lab & Advance Design Platforms
Microwave Passive Component and Antenna Design and research Laboratory
FPAA Analog design and research kit
Feko, ADS, Genesys and SystemVue for RF and Communication system design
Anechoic Boxes for Antenna Testings
Spartan – 6 for Reconfigurable Digital Circuit experimentation
Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processing TMS320
Texas Instruments Digital Image Processing platforms
LabView for Virtual Instrumentation
VI Microsystems RF Filter and Amplifier design system
Emona Kits for communication system analysis
Color Pattern Generators

High End Instruments
Tektronix 25 MHz dual arbitrary waveform generator
APLAB 4 Channel 100 MHz Color Oscilloscope
Logic Analyzer 200 MHz 250 Msamples/sec
Fluke Multimeter& Aplab 4 ½and 5 ½ Digit Multimeters
3 MHz AM FM Function Generator
3 M Hz Multi Function Generator
Universal Programmer
LCR Meter
¾ Digital Multimeter
USB Interface For Robotic ARM Edge By OWI Robotics
Siglent 2 Channel 50 & 70 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Agilent 4 Channel 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator
Hardware Kits and Design Tools
TI TMS32C6713 DSK with 16 MEG SD-RAM DSP Boards.
FPAA Kits-Programmable Analog Array
FPGA Kits-Programmable Gate Array
Dream Catcher Instrumentation & Measurement Kit.
Dream Catcher Analog Electronics Kit
8086 Microprocessor Board
PSOC Board
FRDM Board
Mentor Graphics Front-End & Back-End tools (HEP1 & HEP 2)
OrCAD Version 16.3
RF Design
Agilent’s ADS, Genesys

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Computer Science Engineering & Information Technology (CSE & IT)

Home / Departments / Computer Science Engineering & ...
Computer Science & Engineering department gives exposure to its students not only of curriculum but also to various skill areas required by IT industry . Soft skill training and international certifications is an ongoing process for students of this department. The department has set up Center of Excellence in association with IBM, Oracle, Cisco, SAP, CDAC to train students on these companies certifications . The department has strong links with IT companies with whom students do projects, training, internship and mentor ship sessions.

State of Art Laboratories
Database Lab
Object Oriented Programming Lab
Data Structure Analysis Lab.
Internet Lab.
C/C++ Lab
Cisco CCNA Lab
Foss Research Lab
iCarnegie Lab for online courses and tests.
Data center Lab.
Major Equipment
IBM Blade server- 1
IBM AIX server- 1
HP servers- 2
Desktop computers HP make – 550 nos.
Cisco/D Link Routers and switches and access points for wi fi facility.
20 Mbps Leased Line through Optical fibre cable.
20 Mbps broadband
Application And System Softwares
IBM Rational Rose, Microsoft Visual studio
Eclipse, JDK, J Creator, SQL Server 2000
VB 6.0, Boson software, Turbo C/C++
Windows XP, Ubuntu 2.6, Linux Redhat
Microsoft server, Merce, ERP
Educational ERP
Cyber roam firewall.

Our Courses

B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

B.Tech (Information Technology)
B.Tech (Information Technology)

M.Tech (Software Engineering)
M.Tech (Software Engineering)

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